Our Loyalty Card

Even after being in business for all this time it is still a great compliment when someone places an order for one of our balloon sculptures. So much so that we wanted to figure out a way to say ‘thank you.’ That’s when we came up with our online Loyalty Card.

What can I get with my Loyalty Points

Points can be swapped for free deliveries. Every now and again we will also offer you the chance to exchange some of the points that you have for a discounted delivery or extras that can be added to your next order. We want to your points as useful as possible.

How do I get Loyalty Points?

Every time you order a sculpture costing £17.95 or more, before postage, we will give you another point on your Loyalty Card. We may also offer you the chance to earn extra points from time to time.

Why is my Loyalty card online?

We thought about giving you a physical card for your points but then remembered all the half filled or lost cards that we have collected over the years and decided that this would be easier.

How will I know how many points I have?

When you place your first qualifying order we will create your online card and send you details of how to log in and check your tally any time you like.

When do my points expire?

They don’t. :)

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