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Do you have any upcoming events to celebrate? How do you normally choose and send your gift? There are so many ways of sending your love to your loved one. It can be a present, a phone call or even a balloon in a box. Not heard of a balloon in a box? Me too! This is quite an unusual way of sending a gift!

What is a balloon in a box?
Your balloon will be wrapped, boxed and posted with your special message. They come in three cluster helium balloons inside a large box. It costs £17.95 plus delivery of £3.95.

How is the delivery?
We ordered it to arrive on Thursday and received it via Royal Mail. It is surprisingly huge but when I held it, it was so light!

Surprise in a box!
When I opened up the box, it was covered with a long piece of paper to prevent it from flying out. Once I took out the paper, the balloons surprised me! As Mr K loves his superheroes, he loves it! These balloons came at just the right time for his 6th birthday!

As these are helium balloons, they should last for a while. It comes with one printed foil design accompanied by two plain foil balloons. The beautiful helium balloons are secured with blue ribbon by a silver triangle weight. They also included a handmade flower balloon with a message on it. This was so thoughtful of them.

If you are busy working or have no time to shop, why not try A Balloon in a Box! They will cater for your needs for weddings, birthdays, new babies, get well soon and all other major life events! Buy balloons in a box and surprise your loved ones!

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