Mickey Airwalker review

Walking Mickey in a box! Review by Emmy Mummy

A while before Harry’s Christening I started chatting to Balloon Baboon on Twitter and then by email for a while.  They offered to send me one of their Balloon creations to help celebrate our big day.
They asked if I had a design in mind, browsing their site I just couldn’t decide so I asked them to surprise me.  We chatted themes for Harry’s party – I began to explain our different type of entertainment and told them of Harry’s love for all things Mickey Mouse.
We then booked in a date for delivery and awaited with anticipation to see what they had chosen for our special day.
Balloon Baboon create wonderful balloon models and displays which they then box up and send to you ready for your event, birthday or special occasion.
On the Friday before Harry’s Christening my surprise box arrived and we could not wait to open it to see what wonderful creation they had chosen for my Birthday boy.

Mickey Air Walker, A Balloon in a Box, review, competition
They could not have chosen a more perfect gift.
Speaking with Julie to Thank her she explained that they had something special for Harry – this Mickey Mouse Air walker:
Mickey Air Walker, A Balloon in a Box, review, competition
Isn’t he lovely?
He was an instant hit!
This is actually a gift from their brand new site A Balloon In A Box which is where they are now selling their helium balloon range.
You can buy a gift of helium balloons which will be packaged up carefully and sent to you directly for your special occasion.
Watching the children’s faces when we open the box was just adorable – they couldn’t believe what was inside Harry’s parcel and kept jumping up and down, clapping their hands with excitement.

Mickey Air Walker, A Balloon in a Box, review, competition
The Mickey air walker balloon was a huge hit with Harry and Emmy.  He is large, infact he was almost as tall as Harry.  Free standing due to the weighted card on his feet – he is called an air walker for a reason – he has a lead so you can walk him around the room and he will follow.
Mickey Air Walker, A Balloon in a Box, review, competition
Harry couldn’t work this out and kept getting tangled up in the lead, Emmy on the other hand loved that she could make Mickey follow her and chased everyone around the room.
He made a perfect table display for our cake table at the party on Sunday.
Mickey costs £20.50 and delivery costs £3.95.  This is really great value for a balloon of this size and our Mickey has lasted almost 3 weeks.

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